ConsumedNation:The Next Generation is for students in 6th-12th grades. We meet every Sunday evening, 6-7:30pm at Consumed Church. Our mission is to lead our students to love, worship and enjoy God through a personal, relationship with Jesus Christ. Our desire is to partner with parents and leaders to create the best opportunities for this to happen. We believe that if we center our ConsumedNation ministry on Jesus we will develop Gospel centered students that have a growing relationship with Christ that positively influence their friends, serve their church, and serve their city. The end-goal of the ConsumedNation Student Ministries is to create theologically sound Jesus freaks who go on to become vital members of the church in the college years and for the rest of their life. Statistics show that when most teenagers graduate high school they graduate the church at the same time. Please partner with us by praying for and investing in our student ministry so that we can stop this trend one student at a time!