Parents, your kids will love our children’s ministry! We have fun classrooms and trained teachers who love children. Our children's ministry is available for children from 6 weeks through 6th grade. KIDsumed is built around a simple concept that God is a good daddy who loves His kids. We believe that kids aren't just our future, they are our now! Our desire for KIDsumed is for it to be more than just a way to occupy kids while their parents attend church—it’s church for kids with age-appropriate curriculum. Security is important to us, so your children will only be cared for by background checked volunteers. When you drop off your and pick-up your child, we’ll make sure the numbers on your child’s sticker match yours before admitting or dismissing them to and from class. We have a sign-up list for you to let us know who is allowed to pick-up your children and we will, without fail, adhere to that list for the protection of your children. If there is any problem with your child that requires your attention, the number on your child's sticker will appear on the screens in the worship center. Should you ever have any questions, anyone of the staff at the Connection Bar or KIDsumed workers will be happy to help you! 

Also, if you have any questions about KIDsumed or would like to volunteer, email us at